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    International Business Dept



    ADD:No.29, Moon Road, APEC S&T
    Industrial park, Zhifu

    Product quality stan

    Product quality standard

    The natioanl standard of aluminum plate and strip is as follows:
    Aluminum and aluminum alloy plate /strip (GB/T3194-1998)
    The national standard of aluminum and aluminum alloy rolled plate/strip:
    GB/T3880-2006(instead of GB/T3880-1997)
    The national standard of aluminum and aluminum alloy hot rolling plate/strip:GB/T16501-1996
    The national standard of rolled aluminum coil:
    The national standard of overall diamension and allowable deviation for general use processed copper and copper alloy plate/strip:

    The national standard of copper and copper alloy:GB/T 2059-2000

    The national standard of copper coil:GOST 5638-1975

    The products of our company is reached national standard of aluminum plate/strip at 2006.
    Our company is the one of the enterprise which taking the lead in passing the national standard .