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    International Business Dept



    ADD:No.29, Moon Road, APEC S&T
    Industrial park, Zhifu

    Company news

    The New Sales System of Yantai Baodi is Officially Running

    Source: Time:2019-04-28 08:35:08 views:

            Baodi copper and aluminum innovation has reached a new level. Recently, the office software system designed by Baodi headquarters according to its own sales has been officially put into use. This software is designed for several months, integrating purchase, sales, delivery, finance, distribution and other functions. The integration makes Baodi's office system more efficient and convenient.

    The new system has improved the efficiency of the business, which can greatly save customers' valuable time. The data realizes online transmission, saves labor and effectively prevents human error, and makes the company's management system more standardized.

    In the process of continuous operation and long-term development, Baodi Copper and Aluminum Co., Ltd. inherits its own fine traditional culture, adapts to the needs of the times, develops its own quality, and provides customers with more satisfactory products and services.

    The company's long-term stock supply of various specifications of pure aluminum, 6061 aluminum, 5052 aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum, insulation aluminum coil, etc., welcome new and old customers to consult procurement!

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